Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Why German?

A few weeks ago, we updated Job Agent with support for international listings and localized into German.

Why German? Surely it makes more sense to localize a US-based app into Spanish before other languages. But let's look at the data.

Since launch, a significant portion of iOS app downloads are from Europe. A surprising portion, considering the app provided only US job listings until recently.

Closer inspection of the european audience shows even more striking differentiation:

Because Switzerland has four national languages, we also look at app-user language breakdowns to avoid bad assumptions:

So German localization should appeal to current and potential users, with more ROI than other languages.

The question still remains - why are people in Switzerland using a US-centric job search app? The language data provides an interesting clue. While Turkish comprises a small portion of total users, a comparison of language against city shows these users are in Zurich. Wikipedia notes increased turkish immigration to Switzerland in the last 2 decades, with ~80% of the immigrants living in German-speaking cantons, and are concentrated particularly in the cities of ZurichBasel and Aarau.

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