Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tech buzzwords explained

Software technologies have blossomed in the past decade, and the tech jargon can be confusing for anyone not using them daily. Techsaurus is here to help.

Reptilian-sounding name aside, Techsaurus is a thesaurus for tech buzzwords, aimed primarily at casual users. Here are some common use cases:

* job seekers looking to update skills or compare salaries,
* tech recruiters trying to make sense of job descriptions and find the right candidate,
* managers looking to understand the newest buzzwords and ecosystem around a problem domain,

Techsaurus covers a full range of modern software engineering terms for web, mobile, data science, and other topical areas. The app provides a brief, readable description for each term, along with related terms, average salaries, and links to great follow-up resources (e.g. StackOverflow, Wikipedia, Quora, and tutorials).

Available now for browsers. Coming soon to iOS & Android.


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